I cant get the USB CLisnt driver to work, it installs but when I want to setup a share it els me that tehre was en error. Anyone else got anywhere with this? Unfortunately, I won’t be able to help you with that, because I’m not familiar with JoliCloud. I had a chance to look at this up close in South Korea last week. I don’t own an S5 myself, it’s for a friend. I have been waiting to see if that would get resolved. It’s unlikely for it to work with other versions or distributions.

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Thanks Marc I will try. I dont have a s5 yet but should be getting it from dynamism tommorrow.

Viliv S5 Support Pack for [K/X/L]Ubuntu

I think there is a thread on Pocketables on it. Mobility Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review: It say the most current driver is already installed. While I think for UMPC it might be better to have a touchscreen capacitive would be nicer but it would be nice to have the best of two worlds with mixing these 2 s55 into the same machine.

Chippy, did you notice that wlan bandwith issue? Previous Thread Next Thread. You know if there is the same functionality in it?

The speed of the wireless connection is good. Acer Aspire Switch Can you help me please 9: Click for larger versions.


Viliv S5 Support Pack for [K/X/L]Ubuntu 12.04

I was hoping that the one with the keyboard would be released in Europe soon. As a mouse pointer its not accurate and not proportional which is a wigi.

I ideally wanted Lubuntu or Xubuntu, but the live CD runs of those proved unsuccessful – corrupt screen – Poluso issues I guess.

WiFi enabled on boot Touchscreen enabled on boot Touchscreen driver Here’s a video showing the then incomplete Touchscreen driver working on the Giliv S5 http: The rear of the device is covered by the battery. Full review of Viliv S5 http: Search this Thread Advanced Vilif. I will be very interested to see your impressions of the Pc Navigator 9 on the S5, from what i have experienced on the Aigo it should make the S5 into a near perfect Navigation device.

No details at the moment.

The fact is that W7 does not see the touch screen as a digitizer. The first impresssion is very good even the lack of a onboard microphone and webcam is incomprehensible I knew anyway the same for the lack of the card reader, but what aifi really surprised me is that is not even possible to use the microphone of a headset!!!!

Touch still works ok.

Viliv S5 MID reviewed: swift, sleek and definitely tempting – SlashGear

Geez, at least include it in the Premium models. It does what you need and makes Firefox the first choice browser for devices like this. But it’s still horrible to repair iFixit gives Apple’s new MacBook Air with Retina display a repairability score of three out of Post Reply Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2.


It does feel pretty solid and the touchscreen was precise.

My choice was between this device because of its pocketability, and the E-king i1 because of its productivity, but since mobilx has sniped the S5 from their webshop now, I guess theres no more choice to be made for me.

More hardware support and features might come later. What kind of keyboard is this on the video, this is not the viliv keyboard!

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Singtel’s first-half revenue was down across mobile services, data and internet, fixed voice, and ICT, but up across sale of equipment, digital businesses, and pay TV.

I had a chance to look at this up close in South Korea last vliv. Note that there is no stylus silo.